Anastasiia Sechina
founder, coordinator and journalist of the media project "The Fourth Sector"
Coordinates the work of independent freelance group of journalists. Maintains a website and blog for journalists working with complex genres. Provides advice to NGOs
coordinator and journalist of the Perm Internet magazine Zvezda, program director and presenter of the programs on the radio station Ekho Moskvy in Perm, editor-in-chief of the Perm News newspaper, journalist of the newspaper Permsky Obozrevatel and TRK Avtoradio TV
work in the company "Bremen consultants" with the human rights center "Memorial", the Joint Public Monitoring Team, the Institute of Law and Public Policy, the Human Rights Incubator project; consulting support of the Perm LGBT group "Rainbow World"; conducting workshops about interaction with the media and writing good texts
summer city public festival "Bridges" (2015-2018), the School of Investigative Journalists "Access Point" (2016), Women's Festival We-fest (2016)
Coordination of events
Access point
The School of Investigative Journalists "Access Point" won the competition of grassroots initiatives of Human Rights Incubator project in 2016. It was organized within three offline modules, lectures were also broadcast online. Speakers were Daniel Turovsky, Ruslan Leviev, Oksana Shmagun, Igor Korolkov, Ivan Pecishchev, Galina Sidorova, Vladimir Kuzmin, Anna Fomina. Applications for participation in the school were submitted by more than seven hundred people. Sixty journalists, bloggers, activists became listeners.